Sacramento Badminton Gym


MEET THE COACHES —-> Bin and Bryan

Bin Teh

Bin grew up in Davis, CA and graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and McGeorge School of Law with a J.D.

Trained by his dad and numerous other top players, Bin has played badminton with the UC Davis Badminton Club and has participated in many badminton tournaments through the years.

As one of the founders of Northern California Badminton Club, Bin wants to build a badminton community where people are having fun learning a sport that is enjoyable for the whole family. His love for badminton is one of the reasons why he wanted to open a dedicated badminton facility in the Sacramento area.

Even though badminton is a relatively easy game to learn initially, it can be challenging if you want to play skillfully and bring your game to the next level. That’s why learning how to hit different shots correctly, practicing proper footwork, and knowing the best strategies for singles and doubles are so important.

Bin takes great pleasure in seeing many of his students who were not able to hold a racket correctly, to becoming players with awesome jump smashes! 

He’s been coached by many great players, and wants to pass what he’s learned to the next generation of badminton players.


Photo from the Garuda Cup ’15, held at NCBC. Bin (right side) partnered with Halim Haryanto, former professional player, and were champions at Garuda Cup ’15.



Bryan grew up in Vietnam and Singapore.  Bryan first started playing badminton at the age of 8.  He represented his school and moved to the district level and then the city level.  He won different titles in mixed and doubles during that time.

Due to studying abroad Bryan had to quit badminton, however he picked it right back up when he moved to the United States.  Since he’s moved to America he’s participated and won multiple tournaments as well.

Although Bryan is young, he’s gone through formal training, participated in many tournaments, and knows how hard one must work in order to be great.




People Hours Fee
1 1 $30
2+ 1 $15 per person


Fee  # of Sessions  Session Length  Minimum Players  Maximum Players
$20.00/person 1 1 hour 1 1
$15.00/person 1 1 hour 2 3
$10.00/person 1 1 hour 4 5