Coaching: Private & Group

If you are a beginner and want the correct fundamentals, we can help.

If you are an intermediate to advance player who need additional weapons in your game, we can help.

We provide individual and small group training.  Just Contact Us.

Coaching Fees:

Fee  # of Sessions   Session Length   Minimum Players   Maximum Players 
 $20.00/person  1 1 hour 1 1
$15.00/person 1 1 hour 2 3
$10.00/person 1 1 hour 4 5

Terms & Conditions For Private Coaching Sessions:

  • Player must provide 3 time choices for coach to choose from when requesting a coaching session
  • Player must prepay 1/2 of coaching fee within 24hrs after coach replies with session confirmation
  • Remaining balance will be due on day of coaching session
  • Prepaid fee is refundable if player cancels at least 24hrs BEFORE a coaching session begins
  • Prepaid fee is NON-REFUNDALBE if player cancels session less than 24hrs in advance

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