New Rules

Hello everyone!

With our growing badminton population we’re going to need to add some new rules in order to allow everyone maximum play time.

1. All courts that are running games when there are at least 3 teams on the list will become 1 game of 31 points, winner stays on.

2. Please be mindful of providing birdies during a game. No one person should be providing all of the birdies during a game.

3. If you are just hitting around/practicing. Time will be limited to 30 minutes, where the next group will rotate in after that.

4. You may only place you or your partner’s name on one court at a time. If multiples are discovered, your name will be stricken from that court at our discretion.

5. Please limit warm up for games to 5 minutes.

6. Be friendly! None of us are professionals and we’re all just trying to enjoy the sport, let’s not scare people away from this beautiful sport.

Thank you all for your continued support!